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What We Deliver

We offer multi-dimensional support for B2B sales & marketing, so you can better understand your market, make smarter decisions, and achieve goals, faster. Through collaboration and partnership, we aim for win-win results that benefit everyone: customers, suppliers, and employees.



We have access to the latest information about your market, customers, competitors, and all companies and organizations in the Netherlands.

  • Data cleansing, enrichment, and analytics 

  • Market and growth potential analysis

  • Target market analysis

  • Track and monitor prospect or competitor activities

data-driven STRATEGY

Our database provides solid ground for tailor-made strategies, from where we craft concrete action plans with clearly defined objectives, frameworks, metrics and timelines.

  • Sales planning

  • Brand positioning & image building

  • Playing-to-Win method

  • Business model canvas


From lead generation and qualification to lead conversion, our dedicated staff and highly experienced B2B experts ensure the strategy is implemented in day-to-day tasks and activities to close the planning-execution gap.

  • Online sales & marketing

  • Telesales

  • Field sales

  • Social selling


Whether it’s to test a product concept or to move your business forward, we can investigate your target market by gathering valuable, relevant information from multiple sources to help you make the right decision.  

  • Market validation

  • Industry status quo and trends

  • Commercial transaction support

  • Surveys, site visits and interviews


We are able to equip your sales team with advanced technologies that leverage the impact of data and insights to enable modern efficiency and to empower your sales team performance.

  • CRM platform (Salesforce)

  • Marketing Automation

  • Project management

  • Lead tracker system


We hire motivated salespeople for internal or external activities. Through an innovative training program, our staff are mentored by sales coaches and industry experts for daily support and long-term development. 

  • Recruitment

  • Outsourcing

  • Interim management & secondment

  • B2B Sales training & coaching